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水平: 级别1 - 本科介绍性单元
学分: 3
HECS乐队: 2
学院: Faculty of Science and Technology
学科: Academic Program Area - Technology


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For the remainder of 2020, resulting from Australian Government's directives requiring physical distancing and restrictions on movement because of the COVID-19 pandemic, any exams that are required for assessment in a unit will be online exams. Online exams may also use online proctoring to help assure the academic integrity of those exams. Please contact your unit convener with any questions.

While the University has made efforts to ensure that 单元大纲 reflect a unit’s learning activities and assessment items, any changes to Australian Government directives because of the COVID-19 pandemic may require changes to these during the semester to ensure the safety and well being of students and staff. These changes will not be updated in the published unit outline, but will be communicated to you via your unit’s UCLearn(Canvas) teaching site. Any changes made will continue to meet the unit’s learning outcomes, as described in the Unit Outline.


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  • 学期2年,2020年, 在校园, BRUCE (195734) - 视图
  • UC大学第二学期,到2020年,校园,UCC-布鲁斯 (195035) - 视图
  • UC学院孕早期3,2019年,校园,UCC-布鲁斯 (189781) - 视图
  • 学期2,2019, 在校园, BRUCE (185505) - 视图
  • UC学院孕期1,2019年,校园,UCC-布鲁斯 (185667) - 视图
  • 学期1,2019, 在校园, BRUCE (185215) - 视图
  • UC学院孕早期3,2018年,校园,UCC-布鲁斯 (182938) - 视图
  • 学期2,2018, 在校园, BRUCE (182945) - 视图
  • UC大学第二学期,2018年,校园,UCC-布鲁斯 (182937) - 视图
  • 冬季学期,2018, 在校园, BRUCE (182952) - 视图
  • UC学院孕期1,2018年,校园,UCC-布鲁斯 (182936) - 视图
  • 学期1,2018, 在校园, GBCA-MELB (182944) - 视图
  • 学期1,2018, 在校园, BRUCE (182940) - 视图
  • UC学院孕早期3,2017年,校园,UCC-布鲁斯 (166530) - 视图
  • 学期2, 2017, 在校园, GBCA-MELB (171417) - 视图
  • 学期2, 2017, 在校园, BRUCE (167235) - 视图
  • UC大学第二学期,2017年,校园,UCC-布鲁斯 (165606) - 视图
  • 冬季学期, 2017, 在校园, BRUCE (167915) - 视图
  • UC学院孕期1,2017年,校园,UCC-布鲁斯 (165561) - 视图
  • 学期1, 2017, 在校园, GBCA-MELB (171416) - 视图
  • 学期1, 2017, 在校园, BRUCE (166689) - 视图
  • UC学院孕早期3,2016年,校园,UCC-布鲁斯 (156811) - 视图
  • 学期2, 2016, 在校园, UC-MELB (156821) - 视图
  • 学期2, 2016, 在校园, TQB-SB (156820) - 视图
  • 学期2, 2016, 在校园, SWSI-LVPL (156819) - 视图
  • 学期2, 2016, 在校园, BRUCE (156816) - 视图
  • UC大学第二学期,2016年,校园,UCC-布鲁斯 (156809) - 视图
  • 冬季学期, 2016, 在校园, BRUCE (156822) - 视图
  • UC学院孕期1,2016年,校园,UCC-布鲁斯 (156808) - 视图
  • 学期1, 2016, 在校园, BRUCE (156812) - 视图
  • UC学院孕早期3,2015年,校园,UCC-布鲁斯 (142549) - 视图
  • 学期2, 2015, 在校园, UC-MELB (140871) - 视图
  • 学期2, 2015, 在校园, SWSI-LVPL (140870) - 视图
  • 学期2, 2015, 在校园, BRUCE (140872) - 视图
  • 冬季学期, 2015, 在校园, BRUCE (141114) - 视图
  • UC大学第二学期,2015年,校园,UCC-布鲁斯 (142468) - 视图
  • 学期1, 2015, 在校园, BRUCE (145405) - 视图

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Students will be introduced to the Informatics discipline as the study of the components and use of information technology, particularly as applied through information systems, in conducting the work of government, business and other organisations. Students will gain a conceptual framework for understanding the nature and purpose of Informatics by examining typical kinds of information systems, the data, information and knowledge they embody, the technologies they deploy and the management and social issues they raise. The shape of the Information sector of the economy, the Skills Framework for the Information Age and careers is reviewed.



1. Explain with examples the complex concepts of information, information systems and information technology;

2. Explain the nature, kinds, components and impacts of information systems and illustrate their use as a fundamental part of organisational processes;

3. Recognise the interests and roles of the various stakeholders in the development and operation of systems;

4. Describe the methodologies by which information systems are constructed and operated and how such systems are integrated into the organisational environment; and





Up to 52 hours per semester. The ONLINE offering of this unit is only available to students in the Bachelor of Information and Mainframe Technology.








9524 Management Information Systems


9524 Management Information Systems



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